Friday, March 4, 2011


TGIF is a wonderful saying, something that, in the past, I could not fully enjoy. This was due to the fact that I had a second job on the weekend so, to me, TGIF held very little meaning. As of late however, I have come to greatly appreicate the power behind those four little letters.  There's something about the end of a week that gives hope of what is to come. Freedom to make memories, complete projects, or  just simply get caught up on some much needed sleep. Whatever it maybe it's great just to have the option.
For me the fun begins this evening. Humbling me in more ways than can be counted, my work will be on display at PhotoSpiva.  It's not a huge museum and for most you may be asking, "What is PhotoSpiva?" but for me it's a giant leap. It means all those years of wandering around on the side of the road to I can get just the right shot, or the many hours spent waiting for the one hour developing to be done just a few minutes early were worth it.  Going through my old photos and see how far I have actually come is an interesting journey.  I named my blog Attempts at being Artistic because really that's what I do.  Art is so subjective. It changes everyday. What I might like and think of as art might not be something you would ever want to lay your eyes on.  For a moment though it's wonderful to hear when someone else sees your attempts as Art.
I hope that this is the first of many shows to come and I hope to look back and see my photos now, be seen as simply steps towards the amazing work that is yet to come. 
In short if you are wondering what you should do to celebrate your TGIF, maybe you should take that little cheapo camera you own and start some of your own attempts at being artistic. It may not seem like great shots now but it could put you on the path of works of art yet unseen.

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