Monday, September 24, 2012

Disney Bound (well someday)

    You all may or may not know this but I’m a huge Disney fan. I can’t remember a time when Disney has not been part of my life. In fact when I was a child I used to wear out my Disney Soundtrack tapes by performing every part of the songs with my stuffed animals as my captive audience.  Needless to say I was very excited when, at the age of 11, we first made the trek to the mecca of Disney groupies, Walt Disney World. This was a wonderful trip but true to Disney form a lot had changed when I made return trips in 2008 & 09.   Having to wait three years has been torture to me but thankfully we decided to go back again in 2013. This will be in time to enjoy the full fun of the new Fantasyland.  So if you hear / see a lot of blog posts in the coming months it will be due to this excitement.   Couple with the fact I will have my Canon 7d, with the possibility of  a couple new lenses I don’t know if I’ll burst before that time or not.  In the meantime here are a few pics of my last few trips plus a great  and glorious photo of my brother and myself on our first trip there. I might be following up with some of the great programs, books, and websites that I have discovered a long the way to help make the pilgrimage to this delight land of wonder stress-free.


65600008 65600005


Finally here is the infamous photo. As you can see my brother’s expression really hasn’t changed Thankfully my style in clothing has. : )


Monday, July 23, 2012

My Cousin Gets Married

I thought I’d share some photos of my cousin’s recent wedding.  Enjoy : )

 IMG_4878 copy   IMG_4850 copy

IMG_4929 copy3 On to the wedding

IMG_7749 copy

    IMG_7970 copy IMG_7974 copy

  IMG_8005 copy IMG_7884 copy   

 IMG_7940 copy IMG_7938 copy      

There will be more to come later…

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Out with the Old and In with the New

I finally made the switch and let me tell you I think I’m in love.  I recently purchased a Canon 7D and got to test it out this weekend in Tulsa during a photography workshop. I thought I’d post a few.  The first few are from a mock wedding they set up. There were so many cute ideas it was hard to decide which one to go with first

fun 007

 Picture 014

Picture 012

Picture 015 Picture 006



And than came our great    models.  They were already hitched but decided to be great sports about it : )




Picture 010 

Picture 011

 Picture 007  

  Picture 004 











Picture 008

Such a gun time indeed.  that’s it for part I. I hope to have part two  up tomorrow. So be sure to check it out : )

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Treasury Giveaway


I love posting treasuries but this one is a little different. Today is the last day to enter to win everything, and I do mean everything listed in this treasury. All you have to do is like an comment. It’s that simple. Good luck!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Bling

Oh spring is in the air.  It’s officially the last day of winter. Although we haven’t had much of one here in Joplin. I figured that after a little bit of a break it was time I returned with a few new photos and a giveaway.  How’s that sound for a way to celebrate??  I’ll start with a couple of my newest shots which are available for purchase in my shop. If enough love is shown perhaps a little giveaway might be in store for the future.

fresh blooms of spring small

spring plain 

Now onto the giveaway. One of my favorite things to do is rummage through old costume jewelry. I love to think about the possibilities of their new uses or just wearing it in the original way it was intended. Either way they are a great addition to any outfit without the extreme cost. So I think that since the sun is shining a bit more I might as well see about giving everyone some options for the purchase of some great glitter out there. Let me introduce you to Tricia owner of Vogel Haus Vintage.  She’s like me and loves sparkly jewelry especially items from the 40’s and 50’s  so you’re sure to find something unique and full of great age. Here’s a little bit more about this lovely seller in her own words

I've loved and collected vintage items, especially jewelry since high school. My mom's stuff was always fascinating to me when I was little, especially the old wigs and hat boxes! My mom is German and my dad was in the military so we lived in many countries as I grew up and this influenced my love of unique items. Starting a shop to share my love for vintage has been a dream for 3 years, but I had to complete my bachelor's degree was my motivation to keep going and I finally made it: degree and shop! Now I'm full time in a graduate program and working hard to give vintage items a new home. The shop focuses on items from the 1970's and before...I was a teenager in the 80's so I don't find those items as exciting :) I hope you get a chance to look around!

And look around they shall because one lucky reader will win a chance to pick and piece worth up to $10. That’s a pretty great thing folks.  And not just that, but if you find a piece you just can’t live without, well Tricia was gracious enough to offer a 10% off code to all my followers  And with her rock bottom prices that’s a steal.  Just type Raeolight10off for 10% off total purchase in shop. Here’s a couple photos to give you an idea of what her shop’s got to offer







So that’s it. All you have left to do is become a winner.  Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, February 6, 2012

An Engagement of Fun

I recently had the honor of taking the engagement photos for a few friends and family of friends. The first lucky couple is Gary and Kelley. Gary lost his home in the May 22nd tornado in Joplin.  Now they are beginning a new and it was so fun taking some fun photos to add to their new walls.


Gary and Kelly Engagement 2


Gary and Kelly Engagement  013


Gary and Kelly Engagement 005 

gary and kelley wo border lighter 10

Gary and Kelly Engagement save the date

The second couple was actually done a little bit ago but still just as fun.  I went to college with Cilla and was excited to learn about her engagement to Matt.  They were a very fun couple very much in love.


This photo is dedicated to Mark from 9Art





So as you can see I’ve been a little busy.  I haven’t officially started shooting people yet but I have fun with my friends who have been great sports.  I hope you enjoy. : )  And let me know what you think.

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