Monday, September 16, 2013

Artsy Couture Canvas Review

I had the privilege, recently, of being able to review a gallery wrapped canvas from Artsy Couture. They are a newer company adding their name to the professional photography printing world. They got their start by introducing a new design called Gallery Blocks.  A process that involves taking a single image, putting it on a board and than layering small standout images on top, allowing a very unique and 3d effect for your images. They have continued to add products to their line ever since, with the most recent one being their press cards.   For this review I only had the chance to try their gallery wraps. To let my readers know the difference (because I get asked a lot) A regular canvas wrap is not as thick and many a times still requires a frame in order to display it. This is because the staples used to hold the canvas taunt are seen on the side of the stretcher bars where as a gallery wrap is usually thicker and the staples are on the back.  It's a harder process to accomplish by hand thus they are a bit more expensive but you don't have to frame them, they can be hung on their own.

Their gallery wraps aren't like many of the others offered in the printing world.  They have a special way of making them almost a hardened canvas as opposed to the traditional open back canvas many see today.  This is a plus on a couple levels. For those with kids it means there's no way for them to get damaged if someone were to say, throw something at them, it always means they are easier to move and store because again there not a place for something to cause a hole or slit.  The con is, they are a lot heavier than a traditional canvas so they will require a more anchored nail for hanging.
Ok on the review:
I ordered a print that should be very familiar, in fact if you look at my previous post you should see the original there.  The Artsy Couture ordering system is more set up for photographers than for the average person so in order to place an order you have to download an ROES system. It's pretty easy to use once you do that. Just follow the prompts. I placed the order on 7/29/13 and I had the final product on 8/8/13 It's not the fastest turnaround if you're ordering it for a client or as a gift but it's not bad either.
Here is how it arrived

I was impressed with how well it was packaged and liked the extra bubble wrap

Even going all the way to the back and than covered with saran wrap

Not really sure what the Saran-wrap accomplishes. It maybe used to ensure that there is no rubbing on the corners, which can be a problem sometimes.  Something I had actually happen to me when I reviewed another company.

The final image was quite good.  I liked how sharp it was and can see that they have gotten pretty good on their colors.

The back was also neatly done, complete with a sawtooth to allow you to hang it on the wall.  You can upgrade to a wire I think if you choose but the sawtooth works well

 I also wanted to see about image rubbing as mentioned before, wanted to show the thickness and here's the back as well.

All and all I was pleased with the final product.  I'm still not sure if I will offer it to my customers just yet but I'm willing to give it a try.  And I can't wait to try their gallery blocks.

If you're interested in ordering your own masterpiece feel free to follow them on facebook That's where they show off their latest products and post any sales or promotions.

* so there is full disclosure the author received a free gallery wrap in order to give the review.  All opinions are fully my own and I did not receive any other compensation for the review.  Thank You :)

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