Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green with Envy


I just want to take the chance to post a little blurb about my absolute favorite photographer on Etsy. 

Beth Retro Photography has been one of my favorites for quite some time. I currently have this very print hanging in a place that brings me joy every day.  For the time being she only has this photo posted in her shop in two different sizes but I’m hoping there will be more to come!  To celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style, why don’t you swing on by her shop and maybe click the buy button.  Thanks and Good luck : )


  1. Is this the photo you mentioned the other night? I love it! It's so festive and... sparkly! :)

  2. Yuppers, this is the one. She's got a flicker site too filled with just beautiful photos

  3. Gorgeous photograph! Thanks so much for sharing, I love it! :D

  4. I really enjoyed the photos! Thank you


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