Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Photo Giveaways!!!

I'm excited to announce a Giveaway that will hopefully become a permanent fixture for all to enjoy. As was previously mentioned I love photography...hmm I know a little bit of a shocker.  And there is just so much on Etsy that I thought it would be great to provide a venue for artists to not only get their work out there but also allow other photography lovers to get their hands on some of their work for free.  The hope is to run the giveaways with different prints from various artists being offer in a two week rotation. I'm excited for this to began.  If you are a photographer on Etsy and think you might be interested please convo me via Etsy or email me at Thanks everyone and lets make this a success!  Again it starts tomorrow April 1st, no Foolin' and click on the link above in my tabs.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just a Quick Post

I just wanted to take a minute to post some recent shots I took. For some fun my friends Seth and Crystal thought we should take some engagement photos and I, being the novice photographer crossed my fingers and let the shutter fly.  Here are just a few of the results.  Enjoy : )


shoes with cr



And probably my favorite of all the ones we took….


I just love how she’s on her tip toes. There a little something to tide you over. : )  Not too bad for a little 35 mm and picnik : )

Friday, March 18, 2011

Old Things Made New

I remember a while ago, someone told me never to through away or erase the photos that I don’t like on first viewing. I’m not sure who told me this fact but it really proved true to me just yesterday, when, on a lark I looked through some of my “rejects” and found a treasure or two in the rough.

 World Wide Photowalk building

My favorite was probably this one here.  This is before shot. I took about a year ago when we were doing the World Wide Photowalk.  I really enjoy old buildings and was hoping to capture some architecture with this shot.  Alas when I looked at it all I saw was a washed out, bland photo. I than tried playing with some of the processes available with the web site Picnik.  I don’t have photoshop and wouldn’t know what to do with it if I did, so I find Picnik a little less intimidating to experiment with.






      Ta Da! This is the new image. It’s still not wholly up to par but it’s a bit more pleasing than the previous look.  It’s a funny thing when you look back on life and see things you hated at first, began a new life in just a slightly altered fashion.  I mean that seems to be the trend today and frankly I think it’s genius.  I hate seeing old things lose their sheen especially when they were great and wonderful works of art in their own right.  The building to my left has stood the test of time but there were many building in our little town that have not.  Because of the size, and I’m guessing the economic condition of Joplin, Mo, the “urban renewal” movement of the 1960’s and 70’s stole many great buildings away from the future and replaced them with parking lots. Not a great exchange if you ask me. One of those wonderful buildings was the Connor Hotel.



The Lobby of the Connor Hotel

The Lobby of the Connor Hotel

The Connor in 1978 about two years before it was torn down.

The Connor’s Rooftop Ballroom

And this if the final photo. I’m pretty sure this was taken in the teens or twenties.

As you can see sometimes it’s hard to let old things go away for good.  What stands now on this spot is our local library which doesn’t quite match the architecture of the many other old buildings that stand around it but in the spirit of change there is sits.  Though this may seem like a daydreamer’s vision of days gone by I did think up quite a good point. I see Etsy as a place that opens the doors for revitalization. There are so many vintage items that are finding new homes and new uses and it makes my heart glad.  Not only is this great for our environment but it opens the doors to history and stories previously left in the forgotten ruble of the past.  The next time you see a great vintage item on Etsy and wonder what in the world it was used for way back when, use it as a chance to learn more about it. Oh and for the hoarders out there, i.e. me, this is a great way to share your fun vintage things with the others in the awesome Etsy community.   Well it’s time to get off my soapbox, which I’m pretty sure I recycled from someone, and now that I think of it might make a good flower box hmmmm…  Have a lovely weekend everyone : )

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green with Envy


I just want to take the chance to post a little blurb about my absolute favorite photographer on Etsy. 

Beth Retro Photography has been one of my favorites for quite some time. I currently have this very print hanging in a place that brings me joy every day.  For the time being she only has this photo posted in her shop in two different sizes but I’m hoping there will be more to come!  To celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style, why don’t you swing on by her shop and maybe click the buy button.  Thanks and Good luck : )

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Me Stylish?! Oh Stop..


Stylish Blogger Award

I was very delighted to open my Etsy convos this morning to find a wonderful honor being bestowed upon me by one of my Jo Mo Etsy Team members UneBelleVie

You are supposed to do the following a) thank the person who awarded you,(check)  b) include seven facts about yourself, (double check) c) pass the award on to other bloggers,( hmm this will be a hard decision and d) notify them of winning the award! (As soon as I can decide)

Seven Unknown Facts:

1) I was once on a plane with Billy Joel and he said I was cute! (this according to my mother as I was just a wee babe at the time)

2) I am a huge Jane Austen fan (well maybe that’s not so unknown)

3) It’s my dream to someday sing either in a Disney movie or at a Disney Park publically ( I say this because I’m thinking humming the tunes over the load speaker doesn’t quite count)

4) I’m deathly afraid of just about everything but mostly, rollercoasters, airplanes, water crafts and snakes.

5) I’m obsessed with museums. Show me a good museum and I am there

6) I almost meet President Bush twice but never seemed to get there, once when I was volunteering at an inner city program when he was signing the no child left behind thing and once, in a completely difference state when he was visiting the local university. 

7) I hate mustard and pickles and love mayo on my hotdog ( some people call this strange but I’ve heard it’s all the rage in Europe, don’t knock til you’ve tried it)

Who I'm passing the Stylish Blogger Award on to:

1. Ephemeral Sparrow (not only is she a great read but she likes bunnies and the wall from King’s speech)

2. Kid Giddy (all in all a great and fun blog)

3. Photo Grunt (who would I be without a great photo blog?  He’s got a great eye especially when I’ve had my work posted on there a couple of times )

   As not to disappoint, here is another wonderful photographic artist.  I wish I could say I took this photo but alas this is beyond my talents right now.  This simple but stunning piece comes from the collection of Magnesina. So feel free to swing by and share some hearts and maybe some cash for this wonderful ode to spring!


That’s all from me on this glorious day. If I am slow to return to you it is probably because I will be out enjoying our 75 degree weather and the wonderful kick off to our town’s Art walk which will be tomorrow.  Until than enjoy weather, take a picnic and be sure to find something fun to enjoy God’s photographic world.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

1000 Words

It is no secret how much I love photography. I think it a  travesty that I don’t have more wall space to show off all the stunning artwork I see daily on Etsy. However since I have “wall” space, in theory, on my blog I thought I would show off some of my favorites based on themes.This week my theme will just be a free for all. Since this is my first post I wanted to feature artists I have always admired. 


My first artist is to your left.  I have always loved bomobob's work. This photo just takes me back to my childhood. I can almost smell the cotton candy and popcorn.  I also love the bright and happy colors shown in this piece.  It make me long to have children of my own because this photo would be a great addition to any kids room. If you would like to see more of his work you can visit by clicking here 



This next artist has been on my radar for quite sometime. I found that ever time I need a great photo for a treasury I’d always come back to her work. There is so much play with light and depth of field that every time I think I’ve seen all her work  my eyes are tickled again with even more beauty. For instance the photo I chose to my right, I have never seen before but am happy to have stumbled upon it. I hope my next photo purchase will be from this wonderful artist. Another funny thing is that both of the artists featured thus far hail from Canada. There must being something in the water up there.  If you would like to see more of her work, and trust me you do. You can click here

My next artist was a very, and I mean very recent discovery. I received some much needed help, in the metric side of things, from her and in the process saw her work and began a new appreciation.  I am certain this piece would fit perfectly into any guest room, or bathroom, (one of my personal favorite places to put great work because everyone sees it) This artist is one that likes to tell stories and  I am always open to pictures that speak. Here is her store if you would like more stories to chose from here.

There are so many more I would love to focus on, one being my absolute fav but she’s on vacation right now, but that’s what blogs are for. Check back each week. Until than feel free to visit these great artists and show some Etsy love.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ode to Wednesday

I have to say I have been a bit neglectful of my written words lately.  Back in my college days I was all about outlining my daily life for the internet world, but for whatever reason, I started finding it difficult to cultivate just the right utterance to convey my everyday exsistance to readers. I believed part of my dilenma was rooted in the fact that my life now is not as interesting as I once supposed it to be. I would wait for just the right thing to talk about only to come up empty.  I decided instead to save up some good stories to spread over time, but when the time came for those my memory failed me.   So my final solution is to look for other more interesting things to discuss. And that just happens to come in the form of some great items on Etsy.  Most of you my readers are from this wonderful site.  I am always so amazed at the many various things located on this very electic site.  The creativity that God has granted so many people never ceases to amaze.  One of my major loves is *drum roll please* photography.  (fanning a fainting victim) oh I know it was a shock but it still remains true.  Not only do I enjoy looking at those who take photos for their shops but there are so many item photos that are works of art in their own merit. So I'm taking a long paragraph to simply state  that I would like to show off some of those wonderful works of creation with hopes that maybe you'll swing on by and show them some love in exchange : )  P.S. I guess this really isn't an ode to wedesnday but it's still a dedication none the less.

Friday, March 4, 2011


TGIF is a wonderful saying, something that, in the past, I could not fully enjoy. This was due to the fact that I had a second job on the weekend so, to me, TGIF held very little meaning. As of late however, I have come to greatly appreicate the power behind those four little letters.  There's something about the end of a week that gives hope of what is to come. Freedom to make memories, complete projects, or  just simply get caught up on some much needed sleep. Whatever it maybe it's great just to have the option.
For me the fun begins this evening. Humbling me in more ways than can be counted, my work will be on display at PhotoSpiva.  It's not a huge museum and for most you may be asking, "What is PhotoSpiva?" but for me it's a giant leap. It means all those years of wandering around on the side of the road to I can get just the right shot, or the many hours spent waiting for the one hour developing to be done just a few minutes early were worth it.  Going through my old photos and see how far I have actually come is an interesting journey.  I named my blog Attempts at being Artistic because really that's what I do.  Art is so subjective. It changes everyday. What I might like and think of as art might not be something you would ever want to lay your eyes on.  For a moment though it's wonderful to hear when someone else sees your attempts as Art.
I hope that this is the first of many shows to come and I hope to look back and see my photos now, be seen as simply steps towards the amazing work that is yet to come. 
In short if you are wondering what you should do to celebrate your TGIF, maybe you should take that little cheapo camera you own and start some of your own attempts at being artistic. It may not seem like great shots now but it could put you on the path of works of art yet unseen.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Goin' to the Chapel

This isn't really Etsy related but I thought I would be fun to post some fun photos I took last week.  In our area we have a group of guys and gals that meet to have workshops and basically experiment with photography.  This months meeting was a mock wedding. I used the opportunity to play with a couple of rolls of black and white film I had been saving and here is a few of the results.

This one is proably my Favorite

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