Monday, October 21, 2013

Why print on Professional Prints (a review of Nations Photo Lab)

As a photographer I get asked a lot of questions about photos, but by far the one asked most is, "so what's the difference between prints labs anyway? Aren't they all just the same?" 

My answer is always, it depends.   For years I was a loyal fan of my main lab, but they just weren't meeting my needs anymore so I got braved and decided to venture out of my comfort zone to try some of the other great labs in the country. This would help also ensure that my answer was indeed correct. I landed on Nation's  after seeing them on Creativelive and have found some great qualities and some things that might need a little improving. (in this case we're just looking at prints)

When it comes to quality of prints it they are very good.  The paper is high quality and you can feel the difference.  They are great on their sales, for instance right now you can order a 16x20 in any style of paper for $8.00.  That's a steal in an industry where the average 16x20 is at least $16 without the stylized papers. The next great thing is all of them are printed on Kodak Endura paper.  Some other labs made a switch because Kodak was having some business issues but their paper is still top of the line which coincides with Nations printing work.  The only thing I did not like is the fact you have to pay for test prints.  It can get expensive and people can abuse it but it's one of the things I used to try out and compare printing styles because in the end the biggest difference in printers is their ability to match the color you were wanting, for your images to shine.  Though I didn't like that it was nice to see the colors when I had the chance to try it and was not disappointed.

Of course nothing will convince people more than to try it for themselves.  With their sale, now is a good time to go for it and fall in love like I did.

If you want to try a great quality printer today just click on my link. Thanks for reading :)

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