Monday, January 10, 2011

Watermarking your Masterpieces

Photography used to be a medium that was hard to copy, but with the advent of the Internet it's becoming harder and harder to guard your images from those who would claim them as their own.  There are many programs available to help relieve some of these worries but they can be costly.  I did find one however that is very inexpensive (i.e. free) and after a little bit of investigation, was very easy to use. TSR Watermark Image Software is the site I found while browsing through google and Cnet.

You start by downloading the program to your computer. Once that is done you have to set up a new folder in your "My Pictures" section of your computer.  I labeled mine “Etsy Copyrights

(I tried to do screen shots but blogger wouldn't let me)

I then created another folder inside of that one. I called it “finished” but really it should be labeled something like unfinished so that you know those images are without watermarks.

What you will do is put all of the photos you would like to have watermarked into that secondary folder.

At this time you would open the program that you just downloaded. 

(again no screen shot, please refer to the open program on your desktop

At the top left of the screen you’ll see the word “Source” and “Destination”.  In the source section press select and a screen will pop up that allows you to chose the folder that contains the photos you would like to add a watermark to.  In the space under destination you repeat the step from above only choose the folder you would like your finished images to land in.  I would not mess with the defaults under these two sections unless you really want too. 

As you work your way down the left side of the program it allows you to choose the type of file you would want. It also allows for the strength or transparency of your watermark.  I usually try to go as light as possible but the default is set at 75% which is a pretty good starting point. 

Beneath that you can also chose the location of your watermark. I usually go right for the middle but you can head for any direction you want.

Going back up to the top middle you have a section that allows you to chose an image for testing.  You simply choose as you would to load an image to Etsy.

And in the top right is the section that allows you to enter what you want your watermark to say and look. This is a great area to play with until you what fits for you. 

Finally click on the “Start” button. It will run through all the photos and the previously empty first folder should be filled now watermarked photos.  Your secondary folder will still have the unmarked images you had in there before and you can then move them to any other folder or leave them and they’ll just be run through every time.  There shouldn’t be any duplicates unless you unchecked the “overwrite similar files” option.

And that’s all there is to it.  You now have you very own watermarked images and can still show off their artistry all in one simple step. Good luck and let me know if you discover more : )


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, I actually wondered how people got those watermarks on their images.


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