Monday, January 3, 2011

My Texas Home

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope this first Monday back to work or school is going well and that all is on track for being a great year!

Am I excited to share some great new photos with you all.  For the holidays, after much trial and error, I made my way down to Houston, TX to spend some time with friends and family. Along the way I found some eye catching treasures.  One of the first images I caught was on a rare frosted Texas morning.  My Grandpa is an avid Packard car collector.  Some of his cars are beautifully restored but others are just part cars still filled with aged splendor. Here is an example..

My next adventure took me to the shores of Galveston, TX.  Growing up near this quaint seaside town was a treat I have greatly missed since moving further north.  I was anxious to get back and see if my childhood haunts were still around since Hurricane Ike blew through there in 2008.  Some great landmarks were sadly gone but other small things were still there to enjoy. Like these wonderful steps

And then there was this unique telephone pole

And finally we did some strolling on the strand, the older downtown area of Galveston. I greatly enjoyed the Victorian architecture full of color. Some were in the midst of restoration like this wonderful door full of character. See if you can find the pigeon that snuck in.

All in all it was a great and restful trip. I'm not going to lie, I shed a tear when I crossed the border of Texas headed back towards home. Texas is always full of majestic wonder and I can't wait to head back to continue my photographic journey there.


  1. Happy New Year, love the new photos they capture the moment and are full of color and texture.


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