Monday, September 27, 2010

Pssst..shhh a Photographers Secret just for You.

Before I had the joy of finding my current full-time position with CIY, I worked (and still do on Saturdays) at Hobby Lobby.  I know that some my fellow Estians would kill for this job and the discount that accompanies it, but I myself am not creative enough as to enjoy this store to it's fullest until recently.  I instead worked hard in the frame shop.  I truely enjoyed the various prints and photos that have passed through my hands towards their final framing touches in the past few years.  Along with that fun has come another small perk in the form of wonderful insider info.  One of those tidbits led me to a web site call MPix and let me tell you it has indeed been a find.  It offers some of the best film processing I have ever seen.  If you have been in the industry long you would probably know them better as, Miller Photography. I am by no means getting any kick back from mentioning them accept the satisfaction of sharing a processing treasure.  They make my prints look amazing and offering so many cool deals and inventory.  They are also great at printing copyrights on the back of photos so as to protect them from having multiple copies made.
   The main reason I am mentioning them today is because they just started offering super fun ornaments

They are really cute and I can't wait to take advatage of this great item.  They are also offering their 8x10's at half off til the 29th of this month.  Their customer service is out of this world too.  I had one instance that a couple of my prints didn't make it in my box. I sent an email and had them on my doorstep the next morning.  Here are a couple of the other services they offer.

Trading Cards

Wall Clings Start at $40.00

And one of my favorites

Personalized Puzzles

If you are a photographer and or just have some great family shots you would love to have done for gifts or fun, totally check them out.  I don't think you'll be disappointed. And please feel free to let me know when you do.

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