Friday, October 29, 2010

BESTeam Friday Feature

If you want something a little zany and fun to finish off your Halloween creation, look no further than LoveElycia. Her store provides a great repertoire of hand-made headbands, vintage dress, artwork and even mustaches, yup you heard right mustaches.  Here is a sample of her work.

I can't think of anything this creative artist can't do.  Not only does she sell some of the most unique and wonderful items I've seen but she is also a former engineer and currently plays in a band. If her store has peaked your interest well feel free to also check out her blog, facebook and for the most up to date on this engineering, cat-loving, rocker, craftinista you can follow her on twitter.


  1. Love the blue mustache with the blue hair!

  2. lovely feature. thank you so much :)
    i love that the photos play like a little slideshow. so cool!


  3. Great feature. She has a great shop.


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