Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last night I was drawn into the beauty of the evening. The moon was so bright and there was a gentle breeze that swept through my balcony. It was so relaxing and romantic and it made me immediately think it would be a great theme for a treasury. So here it is. Feel free to give these are sellers your love : )

'The Kiss of a Gentle Breeze on a Moonlight Night' by RaeoLight

Just feel the breeze as it sweeps through your hair.

Goodnight, Moon - autumn pho...


black bird in a moonlight tr...


Mon Petit Monde 25/50


Large White Porcelain Carved...


Scrabble Tile Art Pendant Mo...


Moonlight Over Pemberley Arm...


Real Full Moon Maple Leaf Pe...


Make a Wish


Goth Folk Neck Cuff--Choker


Love Letters Written by Moon...


1886 Fine Art Etching Cedars...




MOON SISTER - Tea-Stained M...


Sheer White FORAL Scarf - FR...


Windy Shadow


Scrapbooking Fibers Pack Moo...


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  1. It is a stunning treasury and I left a comment on it.

    Found both your treasury and your blog via the etsy forums. I am going to follow your exciting and attractive blog as soon as I get this comment posted. :)

  2. Really Beautiful treasury!! Love your blog!!


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