Thursday, October 7, 2010

Musing on Muesums

Hello and happy Thursday to you all.  Before posting my treasury of the day I thought I would show off some more photos : ) 

Being an artists, it would go without saying that one of my favorite things is to go to art museums.  I have had the pleasure of visiting two wonderful places in lifetime.  The Cincinnati Art Museum and the Nelson-Atkins in Kansas City.  These wonderful galleries are completly free to the public, depending on the day, which also makes them twice as great to me.  When I visited the Cincinnati museum I had not yet embraced my passion for photography, therefore I was not able to take any photos of that great collection yet, but I plan on remeding that as soon as I get the chance to head back for a visit.  But for your view pleasure I did capture so fun photos at the Nelson-Atkins.

 One of my favorite shots.  I loved the clouds and way the building just built this guy up to the larger then life character that we know he is.  This is one of about twenty casts that were made during Rodin's life.  The main cast that is considered the original is located in  Paris,France at the Rodin musuem.  It is such a sight to behold a well known piece for the first time and among such a beautiful setting as the back lawn of the Nelson-Atkins. It just made me want to pause and maybe do a little thinking and soul searching of my own.

A little closer look at a master piece.  I just love the detail of it all.  I originally took this shot in color but both of these have so much more detail when switched to a black and white setting.  I'll do a compare and contrast with a couple of other great sculptures next so maybe you can see what changing up the tones to a photo can do for your work.

There's not a huge difference until you put them side by side.  Each one brings out something a little different. This is a sculpture by Renoir called The Large Bather also known and The Washer Woman. It's a stunning piece done by him later in life when he was crippled with Arthritius

Well thats's all I have to say today I hope you enjoyed a short jont through the lawn of a wonderful museum.

Thanks again and don't forget to vote for your favorite photo for your chance to decide your freebie!!

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