Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Birthday Fun for All!!

As the bittersweet day grows near I am doing my best to make the most of turning yet another year older.  This year I will be celebrating my 29th birthday, the last year I can officially be called a 20-something.  Thing is I don't feel like I'm almost 30, not that I know what that is supposed to feel like anyway : ). 
Each year I try different ways of celebrating my birthday, last year it was a nice meal with friends, the year before, my mom and I took a road trip to a restaurant that's known for throwing rolls.  This year is no exception, my plan? Try and see how much free stuff I can get.  Let me tell you it has been an enlightening journey.  I only have til Saturday to capture all the free goodies I can get my hands on.  I don't live in a big city or suburb but I've still managed to eek out a few deals.
In honor of these great companies I decided to share my luck with all who follow me.

1.) Red, Hot, & Blue- This is such a great eatery.  My aunt actually signed me up for their e-club three years ago so I had the chance to take advantage of this last year too.  As of now they send you a postcard that allows for a free Pulled Pork Entree or $10 off any other entree.  This is for eat in or carry-out. They serve home grown Memphis cookin' so if you like good bar-b-q this deal is for you.

2.) Moe's Southwest Grill - A great little place that serves huge burritos and mouth watering nachos paired with a bit of humor. The  laid back hippies of the Mexican food world, they always greet you with a "Welcome to Moe's" unison call and it's all fun after that.  Their website says you get a free burrito but when I got my birthday email and took it in I was allowed to get whatever I wanted as long as it wasn't in a meal format or contained fajitas.  Needless to say I got a wonderful dinner out of it.

3.) Ruby Tuesday - Rumor was they used to give free deserts but that has since been changed to a free hamburger, (a much better change if you ask me).  You do have to sign up to their e-club but will receive an email about a week before your birthday good til a couple of days after your birthday.  On top of your birthday goodie they send a myriad of coupons and specials your way throughout the year.  Oh and for those who don't want to set a lunch or dinner date you can get your hamburger to go as well.

4.) Schlotsky's - I have to admit I have never really tried this place out.  In fact when I go this evening to try this freebie, it will be the first time I've step my foot through their doors. I have, however, heard very good things about them.  They are another knot in a string of sandwich bistros and offer their own chips along with other delights on their normal menu.  My offer is for a free sandwich and they look like good size goodness.  Like the others above it involves signing up for their newsletter but again it's well worth for some free food.

5.) Helzeberg's Jewelers - I know I know this last one doesn't have anything to do with food but I always like throwing something in just to make sure you're awake and paying attention.  I actually signed up for their emails when they first opened in the area mall. At the time they were giving away free pearl earrings. For a freebie they are of great quality. I still wear mine without much change in sheen.  They repeated the gift for my birthday last year.  This year they surprised me with a free pearl bracelet.  I thought for sure it was be the kind that is on elastic but it wasn't. It was a bit small but nothing a few extra chain links couldn't change.  The bracelet is very elegant and there is a charm built in to remind any one who wears it that they are loved.  A nice touch to any free birthday gift if I do say so myself.

Though I do have a few more freebies to find and figure out I will call those my best and hope that it makes your birthday week shine that much more.  Besides too much of a good thing is.. oh who am I kidding, too much of a good thing is GREAT!  That is why I will leave you with a wonderful shot of my favorite car. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! Oh and let me know if you know of something I haven't found yet : )

Legal stuff: I have not in anyway been paid or asked to endorse the business mentioned above.  The names are all copyrighted along with any photos or sayings.

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