Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Giant Leap into Sweeps

You might have noticed that I have not been as faithful to my writing as I once was.  There are a few things that factor into that, one, of course would be all the activity happening here in Joplin.  We are constantly on the move and ready to rebuild.  Everyday brings a new vision of walls going up where ruble once stood.  It’s amazing.  But my other diversion has been a new found obsession with a practice commonly called, sweeping.  Basically it’s where you enter a ton of sweepstakes or contests in an attempt to maybe win something.  My obsession began earlier this year when I decided my wish was to be in Disney for my dreaded 30th birthday. Because of lack of funds  I have decided  to enter every Disney vacation sweepstakes under the sun. I will actually be looking for your help in one of these coming up in a week or so, so be prepared : ) Until than here’s a few photos from my past visits




As you can see it’s simply a paradise for adults like me who have a hard time growing up.  The reason why I throw this out there is because sometimes these giveaways might be a great way to get your items out there.    I’m sure many of you have joined my blog to read my very insightful thoughts ; )  but also to keep an eye out for giveaways. 

If you are an Etsy seller looking to boost your image or at least your sales you might consider sponsoring a fellow blogger.  I have had a big boost in my views and sales since I have started offering some of my photos as giveaways.  Nothing says look at me, like the word free. 

There’s a reason contests are done and that’s to get recognition.  I, myself, have found some amazing Etsy artists I would have never known existed had they not been sponsoring a giveaway.  That being said you should also be careful what you offer from your store.  Limit the size of your giveaway based on the amount of exposure you would like to get.  For instance, if you are going to be featured on a blog that has over 1,000 followers than I would go big.  If you are doing smaller blogs than offer something smaller like a gift certificate or a more inexpensive item.  I have found just offering (2) 4x6’s make people very happy.  They are a good size for any desk or small viewing area but aren’t so small you feel like you aren’t getting anything great. 

On the flip side if you are a blogger who has wondered why no one seems to enter here are a few tips.  First find legit sites to advertise on.  I found that they help boost your viewership through the roof.  Also try not to make the entry so difficult.  I myself have been guilty of this and the more I entered other giveaways the more I discovered what I like best for entries.  (side note I’m actually excited to be able to unveil a new method on my next giveaway coming up Aug 12th)  Be sure to look for quality items coupled with sellers who might not have had their break yet.  I can say I’ve seen a couple of the sellers featured here finally get their first sale just by their sponsorship. 

My final advise?  Have fun.  No matter whether you are sponsor, a blogger, or a die hard entry specialist, don’t forget that it’s just a fun way to connect to new people and have a blast.  And as  reminder of the blast I hope to have on my 30th birthday I end with just a few more Disney photos : )  And feel free to let me know any tips you might have on making a giveaway better.


WDW 2008 031

WDW 2008 006 


Click the above photo to like it on their website : )

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  1. I am OBSESSED with Disney!! These pictures make me want to look through my own and watch the countless Disney videos I made!


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