Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Awesome August Giveaway

 Artist # 1


Where did the name Mastic come from, what exactly does it mean?

mas·tic (mstk) n.
1. The mastic tree.
2. The aromatic resin of the mastic tree, used especially in varnishes, lacquers, adhesives, and condiments and as an astringent.
3. A paste like cement used in highway construction, especially one made with powdered lime or brick and tar.

How did you get involved with making your beautiful jewelry?

I love resin. Passionately. It's fantastic to be able to create something unique that looks extremely professional and doesn't cost a fortune. I also feel like most gentlemen are shafted when it comes to jewelry selection - those boring black cufflinks available at men's formalwear stores just don't cut it for the modern trendy guy who may have to wear a suit to the office, and would like something nifty to accessorize it.

How long have you been at this and where do you find ideas and techniques?

I've been creating jewelry since I was in grade 7 (for myself and friends), but I recently got married and read this little book called DIY Bride. This book had several resin projects in it which I attempted; the cufflinks turned out wonderfully well, but I was extremely unhappy with the charm method. Because of this, I've set out on a quest to perfect the resin pouring process, and to come up with new unique jewelry products for both men and ladies. I'm also hoping to take some silversmithing classes in the near future so I can make my own bezels, findings and chains.
What makes your shop different than most Etsy jewelry stores?
My store aims to provide unique resin jewelry and accessories for both ladies and gentlemen. I'm slightly addicted to resin work, and am experimenting with new methods all the time.

Are there other ways we can keep up with your latest creations?
Check out the blog to see my current projects!  http://masticlashes.blogspot.com

Anything else you would like my readers to know?

I also added a coupon code - it's RAEOLIGHT for 10% off . It expires after September 30th and only available to your great readers!
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One lucky reader will win a $25 gift certificate good towards anything in her shop.

Artist #2
ME <3  Rae of Light Photography



    I’ve been taking photography for about a year and have really enjoyed being able to share that journey with you.


    What you could win from me? How about (2) 4x6 prints of your choice?



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