Friday, May 6, 2011

Shopping with Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day I thought I would share some great Mother’s Day Ideas and coupons. If you’re like me, sometimes it’s hard to figure out just what to get the lady who made your life possible.  It’s made even harder by the fact that my mom is twelve hours away.  Well here are some great things I found that I’m sure any mom would enjoy.

Our first item is a necessity in any corner of the world for moms, the ever present, seemingly bottomless purse.  There are so many to chose from but this was one of my favorite from

Ickady Bags

Isn’t it super cute? And this one comes with a free flower pin, plus you can chose you or your mom’s favorite color.!  Just check out the space inside



There’s enough room in there to stuff baby toys, make up, an umbrella, maybe a few snacks, the possibilities are endless




And what’s a great purse without a little bling? There are so many ways to go. Personally I lean towards gift certificates but there are a few pieces that I greatly enjoy not only for their blinginess (no, not a real word but how else can you describe it?) and designs

The first is traditional



I just think this is a beautiful yet simple gift for mom. Who can go wrong with a simple pearl and some great design. Not only that but In Style has many other looks to chose from, and all are just as classic and stunning


The second is vintage


Lilian's Treasure

















This necklace is not only stunning but adds a bit of old time flair with some modern day time management.  This piece is  as flexible as it is unique. Add help your mom blaze the fashion trail with a blast from the past necklace everyone will envy


The third is super funky











Though not really a traditional piece this still adds a bit of classic mix with a tad bit of whimsical. The colors just grab anyone’s attention while adding a very feminine touch


The Customized Piece


Ms. Rios Originals

The last allows you to customize and make any Mom feel special.  Nothing says I love your like allowing Mom to show off her kids through their birthstones. This attaches to any charm bracelet or key chain so it’s very versatile 

I hope these little treats helped you in deciding what to get your mom for Mother’s Day. Don’t forget if you a last minute shopper many Etsy sellers offer Gift Certificates so have at it!.

One final thing; Walgreens just posted a great coupon good through Saturday. Free 8x10 college prints code FREECOLLAGE and 50% off of posters MOMPOSTER Though I normally don’t recommend them for prints who can pass up a deal like that?

And don’t forget my little shop. You can buy her flowers that will last as long as your love for her,  forever.

I’m also being showcased in a blog giveaway, head on over for your chance to win not one but two of my items. Good luck!


  1. Fabulous finds! The purse is adorable, and I love the vintage necklace. :) Awesomeness!

  2. Great review. Thank you very much for writing about my bags. Such an honor to be picked. Thank you. The necklaces are so beautiful. Mom will sure love them. Your blog looks great!


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