Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Please Pray

This is brief. I'm not sure if I will post a bigger post later but I just wanted to let people know to pray for Joplin, Thankfully my home and many other friends' homes are fine.  I did have six friends whose homes were either damaged or destroyed.  If you would like to help please send either gift cards or monies to the local churches. My church is www.ccochurch.com Thank you and God Bless


  1. SO sad...praying for you all. I'm glad you're safe!


  2. You must have been so terrified! I'm so glad you and your friends are all safe, and that your home escaped damage!

  3. You, your family and your friends are definitely in my prayers! Good luck!

  4. thanks guys I'm working on getting some photos up here shortly, as well as a full blog post.


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