Monday, December 6, 2010

So This is Christmas

There is no doubt that Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. It follows a wonderful time spent with friends and family at Thanksgiving and interrupts what would normally be a depressingly cold atmosphere.
I also appreciate the way people's hearts seem to change. For a brief moment in time, people who would never part their lips to say hello suddenly ramble off Merry Christmases like you are an old friend or maybe even donate of their time and money to ensure others have a holiday season worth remembering. I am very aware (after having worked retail for many years) that you also can see the opposite occur but for the most part people's goodness tends to shine now more then any other time. In the spirit of this time I just wanted to share some of my winter wonders of photos past as a small gift from you to me.  I hope to also find some more deals to help with that hard to find gift or that not so loose budget that many seem to find ourselves in this year.  So keep at eye out and your Christmas cheer up until then : )

Oh... I am having a sale in my shop til the 17th of December just time XMASTIMEISHERE and receive 25% off of any regularly priced item.  Thanks : )

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