Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Snow Snow not worth it!

If you have watched the news at all this past week I'm sure you're aware of the blanket of snow and ice that now covers 1/3 of the nation.  As luck would have it I live in the middle of all that snow. Being snowed in does have it advantages, like getting some great snow photos (which I hope to have developed as soon as I can) and maybe getting a little laundry done. However, that can only fill your day for so long.  Suddenly before you know it you have catch the infamous Cabin Fever (scary music and maybe a scream here)  Most people are of the courageous persuasion and ventured out the day after but I have to say after seeing how many cars were stuck in my apartment complex alone my spirits just couldn't rise to that occasion.  Alas after day three my judgement got the better of me and I made my first attempt to join the snow covered world.  And while doing so I took a few photos that I thought I'd share. Mind you these are from my phone so they are not up to the standards seen in my previous posts but they are fun to look at none the less.  I hope you enjoy and keep warm.

My poor dog wading through the snow drifts
Kinda before but more like during the storm
And finally a good example of what the other cars looked like afterwards..

All together you can see we're about ready for the Groundhog to be correct.  Until then I guess I'll have the cleanest apartment in the country  : )


  1. We're expecting snow tomorrow (for the 3rd time) and I live in Mississippi ... we're supposed to be in the SOUTH! I couldn't handle your world. My dog would never go out!

  2. Your poor dog!! So far so good here in Virginia. sending you some sun!

  3. OMG thats alot of snow! I am in Florida, not originally from Fl, from NC, but wow thats alot of snow! I don't miss it....stay warm! I am a follower, I am also on the Etsy Blog team with you! I just wanted to support support support! Come take a look at my blog sometime ; )


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